Road authorities

As a road maintenance authority, you need to keep traffic flowing efficiently while maintaining maximum safety for road users and road workers. The flexibility of the VEVA and CADO enables road authorities to manage traffic flow at any moment from a traffic control center. Contributing to well-designed traffic control with automated and flexible highway crash barrier systems, Jansen Venneboer maximizes traffic continuity with little need for personnel. The innovative traffic management solutions designed by Jansen Venneboer preclude road workers’ exposure to traffic on motorways, hence safety of highway and tunnel maintenance workers will be ensured and maximised.

Road works and accidents on motorways require motorway management authorities to have an effective and efficient plan of approach. If highway traffic lanes or tunnel tubes need to be sealed off, the safety of road users, traffic directors and emergency services must be guaranteed.

Jansen Venneboer provides innovative traffic management solutions that provide added safety for road users and maintenance staff, and help ensure the consistency of traffic flows in a swift way.