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The re-introduction of BarrierGuard800® by SPIE Netherlands to the world of road safety

With the help of the BarrierGuard800, a temporary crash barrier, the workzone during roadworks can be protected for the benefit of both workforce as well as road users.

First orders released to Czech Republic.

The re-introduction of BarrierGuard 800 by SPIE Netherlands to the world of road safety has successfully taken off in the last few months.

By acquiring the Intellectual Property rights for both the BarrierGuard 800 as well as the BarrierGuard 800 Opening Gate product from Laura Metaal BV, we have this complete product line available.

The quality and functionality of the world renown and proven product line of BarrierGuard 800 is unequalled.

Through our exclusive partner in the Czech Republic we have successfully completed various projects for the Czech highways this autumn.

Safety on our roads is priority number 1.


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