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SPIE installs VEVA® automated vehicle guidance system/ movable guardrail on Storebaelt bridge

The Storebælt Link, together with the Øresund Link and the Femern Belt Link (under development), forms one of the most important traffic links from Scandinavia to the rest of Europe.  

It will therefore be clear that a stoppage of one of these objects has a huge impact on the traffic flow of people and goods through Scandinavia. 

With this in mind, 3 years ago a study was started into possibilities to increase the availability of Storebælt bridge in case of unforeseen events such as one or more traffic accidents or serious storm damage on or to the bridge.    

This resulted in the conclusion that the application of 4 VEVA® systems could best guarantee the flow on the bridge. During this phase SPIE’s expertise was called upon in order to move on to the realization phase as quickly as possible. 

The implementation gained momentum after a number of short-lived traffic incidents again blocked the bridge.    

Meanwhile, 2 systems were ready for assembly and installation, but entry restrictions for SPIE personnel due to Covid-19 made the execution of the site work impossible.   

After intensive and brief consultations between the Danish government and the management of SPIE Netherlands, the employees of SPIE Wijhe received the green light to travel to Denmark to finish the job.   

A bubble was created in both hotel and consultation location. Employees of both SPIE and the Danish government were tested on Covid-19 before, during and after the execution.   

Just before the Christmas recess actually started, SPIE already delivered 2 fully functioning systems.
Even remote control from the traffic centre was successfully implemented. 

With a satisfied feeling and an extremely satisfied client,
the SPIE team returned home on its way to a well-deserved holiday.    

At the beginning of 2021, the other 2 systems were installed and the entire project was completed.


VEVA movable barrier
Traffic control center VEVA