Highway contractors

In order to satisfy and meet the intent of commissioning authorities, it is the duty of highway contractors to successfully execute work assigned by the project principals. We value communication and a good working relationship with commissioning authorities, to make sure there is a common vision and clear understanding of goals and objectives. Jansen Venneboer employs skilled workers who are willing to make every effort to deliver the best results within a predefined time period. Thanks to a high level of pre assembling of the traffic control systems, the necessary commissioning time decreases at its best. Beside satisfying motorway requirements, Jansen Venneboer offers innovative motorway redirecting and closure solutions such as the VEVA movable highway barrier and the CADO emergency motorway barrier that provide added safety for road users and maintenance staff during road works and to ensure a safe and efficient traffic flow.

Road works and accidents on motorways require motorway management authorities to have an effective and efficient plan of approach. If highway traffic lanes or tunnel tubes need to be sealed off, the safety of road users, traffic directors and emergency services must be guaranteed.

Jansen Venneboer provides innovative traffic management solutions that provide added safety for road users and maintenance staff, and help ensure the consistency of traffic flows in a swift way.