Movable crash barrier

Motorway delays test road-users’ patience. And they’re also a headache for you, as a road maintenance authority. But, with well-designed traffic control, you can make sure that traffic flows efficiently, and traffic safety is maximized. We are pleased to present you the perfect solution so please meet the VEVA.

The VEVA® is an automated movable crash barrier which is designed to be installed in the median of a motorway for the redirection of traffic flow in either direction.
By moving the VEVA across the lanes of traffic, the motorway operator can close lanes, close a tunnel entrance or establish a “contra flow” to alleviate traffic congestion.

The VEVA can also be fitted with an impact buffer module for the protection of oncoming traffic.

(6 meters per module, the total length of the movable part of the system can vary from 6 to a maximum of 150 meters).

The parts are made of hot dip galvanized steel according EN 1461. Doing so a long life protection against corrosion is secured.

In terms of safety, ease of operation and reliability, the VEVA has proven itself many times over the last 35 years at various locations throughout the world. Many Road Authorities already benefit from the positive impacts on traffic flow thanks to the VEVA.

The VEVA meets the EN-1317 crash test and is prepared for integration in the TMS.

As an automated machine the VEVA is part of your ITS and so remotely controlled as well.

So push the button and manage your traffic!