Creating safe working zone


On the roads, we have to deal a lot with road works, maintenance work and traffic accidents that cause motorway lanes or tunnel tubes to be not available. In these cases, the well-being of people who are involved at the scene on the highway should always be the primary issue. Therefore, the safe traffic flow through the relating zones is of great concern. However, the problem is that often when a road is temporarily closed for traffic, workers are still exposed to whizzing vehicles.


With the VEVA, impassable traffic lanes or tunnel tubes can be quickly sealed off so that the scene is completely protected from traffic. This way, no maintenance workers or rescue teams are in danger. Moreover, since the VEVA is fully automated and controlled remotely, it contributes even more to a safe working zone on the highway.

Road works and accidents on motorways require motorway management authorities to have an effective and efficient plan of approach. If highway traffic lanes or tunnel tubes need to be sealed off, the safety of road users, traffic directors and emergency services must be guaranteed.

SPIE provides innovative traffic management solutions, CADO and VEVA, that provide added safety for road users and maintenance staff, and help ensure the consistency of traffic flows in a swift way.