movable crash barrier VEVA
Movable crash barrier 
Movable crash barrier with buffer module 
movable crash barrier one arm system open VEVA
Movable crash barrier one arm system
movable crash barrier two arm system open VEVA
Movable crash barrier two arm system
movable barrier BEBA system prevents ghost-riding when maximising your highway capacity
Movable barrier BEBA
The VEVA® is a crash rated movable highway barrier which is being automatically controlled. The purpose of it is to guide road users safely and efficiently to another section of the road, motorway lane, or tunnel tube. It can be used to create flexible traffic lanes as a solution to traffic congestion which emerges as a consequence of roadworks or a traffic accident. The flexibility of the movable motorway barrier will facilitate lane release in order to clear the highway and redirect the traffic flow as quickly as possible as traffic jams start to appear. The system offers safety for road users as well as for maintenance workers, since closing the traffic lane is the solution for holding back the traffic from the crew. This way, the VEVA creates a safe working zone on the highway. Given the fact that the VEVA is controlled from a traffic control center, the need for internal and external personnel is low. This contributes to safety and significant cost savings of traffic control. The system fully complies with the European safety norm EN 1317 and has been thoroughly tested by TNO Nederland. It is the ideal solution for fast efficient traffic control and steady traffic flow.
A VEVA movable motorway barrier can be fitted together using 6-metre sections. The total length of the system can vary from 6 meter to a maximum of 150 metres per opening. When multiple hinged sections are used per opening, the VEVA can be used to create a flexible traffic lane, act as a classic one-arm system or as a ‘flipper’ system for two directions.
The VEVA can also be provided with a buffer element. The VEVA 3 is a movable crash barrier with a buffer element that leads drivers to another part of the road, road lane or road tunnel even more safely.